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About our workshops


We invite you to participate in a unique, one of a kind, educational, and interactive (not to mention tasty) candy making workshop at our fun and colourful ToMo Candy Store 

In general, our workshops can take place every day, in Hebrew or English, according to reservations made in advance.

During our workshops, participants witness and actively take part in the whole fascinating process of candy making, starting from first stages of pouring the candy on the table, its colouring, and cooling, through its kneading, stretching, making lollipops and little hard candies with a shape inside!

Frequently asked Questions:

Where are you located?

We are located on the second floor of the Keidar Centre building, Number 19 Haharoshet street, Ra'anana

What do you do with all the candy we make?

You take it home, of course, it is yours :)

What ages is your workshop for?

Our workshop is for ages 6 and above, usually enjoyed more by older ages as well.

What can I do if we have children under the age of 6?

Ages 4-5 are welcome to join but they will need to be with their parents, due to the fact that we deal with hot materials, children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the workshop room

What if we just want the children to participate?

No worries! In our workshop we allow one accompanying adult, free of charge!

Is the workshop private?

All of our workshops are private, we do recommend no less than 5 participants for a workshop as it adds to the fun interactive experience. 

For prices, availabilities and to book your fun candy making workshop, click here!


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