When should I Place my order for personalized candies?

We would like to receive your order for personalized candies at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This will ensure that you have the candies in plenty of time. Of course – the sooner the better!

Of course, We will always do our very best in order to squeeze in any rushed order 😊


What happens when I submit an online inquiry?

Once you submit your inquiry, one of our friendly team members will get in touch in order to discuss your request. Even if you are not entirely sure of what it is exactly that you need, we promise that we will work it out together. Don’t worry! Nothing is confirmed, and you are not required to pay for anything when your inquiry is submitted.


What is the minimum quantity of candy I can order if I want it personalized?

The minimum amount of personalized candy we prepare is 4kg which translates into 100 small jars (40g. each – plastic jars) or 45 bigger jars (90g. each – glass jars). We would like to remind you that the candy we provide  is made entirely by hand and while this makes it very cool and special (and also fun and exciting to watch), it also means that there is a limit on how small an amount of candy we can work with and therefore the set minimum amount per order.


How many candies will I find in each jar?

Our candies are made entirely by hand. So, by the time we (or you!) get through cooking, pouring, cooling, coloring, flavoring, kneading, and finally cutting up the candy, you can imagine that there's enough variation in the size of each piece of candy to make it hard to predict exactly how many pieces of deliciousness will fit into a small jar or a big jar. If you're a numbers person, or you're looking this up because you're currently looking at an empty jar and wondering how many candies you just ate, that would be about 15-20 pieces in a small jar and about 30-40 pieces in a big jar.


Can anyone participate in your fun workshops?

Due to safety reasons and the fact that the candy making procedure involves dealing with extremely hot materials, the minimum age for participation in our fun workshops is 6. Nevertheless, we would love for anyone under the age of 6 to come along and watch the action and taste our variety of candies, we promise it will still be a lot of fun!

Our workshops are held with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 15.


Is there an expiry date on the Candy?

Our candy is made up of natural ingredients so although it contains excellent natural preservatives, the nature of sugar is to turn into crystal and therefore, after approximately 4 months the candy will begin to crystallize and the colours will start to fade. The candy will still be good to eat however it won't be as pretty. Of course, this process can be speeded up if the candy is not kept in proper, relatively cool, conditions. So, basically, yes - you could say that the expiry date of the candy is approximately 4 months.


Do you make deliveries of your delicious candy within Israel? How about overseas?

Yes. We can make deliveries within Israel no problem. Nevertheless, please take into consideration that while the price of candy will remain the same, the price of delivery may vary according to the place to which the delivery is requested. Of course, there is always the option of meeting us face to face at our workshop in Ra'anana and collecting the order from there at no extra cost and we are always happy to discuss each order separately according to its special circumstances.

We will also be happy to deliver our products overseas to the destination of your choice.  Please take into consideration that the cost of courier fees will be added to the price of candy.

Please read through our delivery policy below.


Does the candy you make contain Gluten? If I am vegan, can I still enjoy your delicious candy? Is it Kosher?

Our candy is gluten free and vegan friendly. Our unique candy is made materially out of natural ingredients which contain water, sugar and glucose and without any artificial additives or preservatives whatsoever. So, yes, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or have issues with gluten, we would love for everyone to taste and enjoy our special products.

ToMo Candy is also Kosher Lemehadrin, supervised by the Rabanut of Raanana so please feel free to ask to see the kashrut certification.


Does my choice of colour limit the choice of flavour?

No. Any colour can be mixed with any flavour. They are separate processes. Just remember that each batch of delicious candy will be a single flavour and colour scheme choice.